What are Procera® All Ceramic crowns?

Procera® is an individualized state-of-the art CAD/CAM treatment concept, developed to optimize the esthetic result. Crowns and bridges from Procera® are of all-ceramic, metal-free materials. The first patient was treated with Procera® in 1983 and since then, millions of patients have been treated worldwide.

What is the difference?

When dental restorations contain metal, they often have a flat, dull appearance and a dark line between the crown and the gum where the metal is visible.

Why is Procera® better?

In the past crowns and bridges were traditionally made of porcelain fused to metal (PFM). Now thanks to the developement of modern all-ceramics, which are incredibly strong and natural looking, there really is no need to use PFM.

No PFM 'gray lines' ever. With PFM, soft tissue around the tooth can recede, over time, revealing the metal underneath as ugly gray lines. This simply can't happen with Procera® because they are metal-free.

Unlike crowns with a metal substructure, Procera ceramics allow light to shine through. Zirconia delivers proven strength and a translucent, long lasting beauty that metals cannot match.

Where can I get more information?

Please consult your dentist for more information on treatment planning and medical evaluation and to find out whether Procera® restorations are right for you.