3shape Communicate is a free service that allows labs and clinics to communicate more easily with one another. Access to an integrated messaging system with 3D renderings and screenshots of the digital models and designs linked to the specific case are just a few of the benefits offered by 3shape Communicate.

To register for 3shape Communicate:

1. Go to us.3shapecommunicate.com.

2. In the grey login field, click "Register"
3shape Image 1

3. Click "Register your Dental Clinic"

4. In the appropriate spaces, enter the required information. Uncheck the the box that says "I have a 3shape Dongle". When that is complete, click "Register".

5. An email will be sent to the registered address with an Activation Link.

6. After you click that link, a web page will open, notifying you that your account has been activated. Click "Start Work" to log in.

7. After you log into 3shape Communicate, click the button at the top of the page labeled "Connections".

8. Click "Add Connection". Enter "samsdental@gmail.com", and click "Find".

9. Select "Sams Dental" from the Result list, edit the appeared message if needed, accept Data Confidentiality Agreement and click "Connect".

10. That's it! You're set up to send and receive information about your cases!

If you need more help, or for more information, please view the "Welcome" page on 3shape Communicate. For any other questions, feel free to contact us at samsdental@gmail.