Procera® - All Ceramic Crowns

Procera All Ceram combines excellent and profound strength with beautiful esthetics. Procera crowns are completely metal-free restorations. The core is made from Zirconia and layered with colored cermics.

Procera All Ceram is translucent giving the tooth a natural appearance. At the same time Procera All Ceram is excellent for concealing underlying surfaces, such as amalgam and root fillings. This ceram is also customized but still industrially produced, ensuring predictable results.

With the strength in the core material, Procera All Ceram can be recommended for prosthetic reconstructions anywhere in the mouth. More and more patients are asking for restorations made of material not containing metal or other alloys. Procera All Ceram is made of bio-compatible material (comparable to Titanium) which minimizes the risk of allergic reactions. No need to worry about your allergies when you use Procera All Ceram. The translucent coping offers remarkable esthetic characteristics. When combined with Procera All Ceram Porcelain the advantages are clearly demonstrated. To recreate the beauty of your natural teeth, the porcelain has been formulated to make the most of the coping’s inherent properties.

Why Procera?

1. Procera offers esthetic and functional dental restorations for all indications. Therefore beauty and strength in one restoration.

2. The Procera restorations refract and transmit light much in the same way as natural teeth, therefore giving the restoration a natural looking appearance. In fact the end result is often an improvement on nature.

3. Excellent biocompatibility therefore healthy mucosal conditions and stable marginal bone levels

4. Because of the excellent biocompatibility there is less accumulation of bacteria and putative pathogens

5. Over 15 years of clinical documentation.

6. 8 million restorations to date worldwide.

7. Beautiful long lasting results with excellent clinical track records and success rates

8. Fantastic marginal accuracy of procera

Some before and after photos for Procera single crowns